Chile encompasses a narrow strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the high peaks of the Andes Mountains. It lies on the bottom edge of South America and feels a world away from the rest of the continent. Travelling here is comfortable, almost European in places but there is also a definite ‘frontier’ feel on its fringes. When flying into the cosmopolitan capital of Santiago on a clear day, you will want a window seat and that won’t change for the rest of your trip. 

Chile has everything a traveller could want. There are snow-covered mountains, glaciers, vast deserts and a rugged coastline with world-class surfing. There’s also a rich indigenous culture and quirky bustling cities to discover. Chile’s geography alone can make travelling this huge country a challenge in itself. If you take the time, take buses, take planes, hitch-hike or even buy a car the rewards are always worth the effort. 

However you choose to the explore the country you will uncover places and panoramas that will leave you truly breathless.

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