Peru is Adventure on a grand Scale!


Peru is by far one of the most exciting countries to travel around in South America. It is for good reason that most travellers will make a stop in Peru on a trip around the Continent. There is an astounding mix of things to do here to suit every type of traveller. Most vacationers will choose to visit the main travel hubs of Cusco to hike Machu Picchu, and to visit the incredible food scene of Lima. Even though these places are the most popular destinations in Peru, you can still find something far from the tourist trail.

Where to begin?

Visit Lake Titicaca, the World’s Highest navigable lake to visit local people living as they did hundreds of years ago. You could explore jungles and take a trip deep into the Amazon. Try hiking to experience some of the most impressive Pre-Colombian ruins in the Americas. The beaches to the north of Peru provide surfers with some of the longest waves in the world. If Surfing isn’t your thing, head to Mancora to soak up the sun and party vibes! Peru is a great place to learn Spanish at an affordable price. And dont forget to enjoy the tantalising array of food, personally our favourite cuisine on the continent!

And this is just the beginning…

You will easily fill up your time with a whole bunch of other things for a month or more in Peru!

And the best thing?

Peru is a haven for the budget minded traveller. However, you don’t have to be a bazillionaire to see the best of what Peru has to offer. Whether you only have a week or are planning to stay for 6 months, your money will go a long way in Peru.

So have a read through some of our curated articles on Peru and hopefully it will inspire you to book that ticket and start planning your adventures to Peru!


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