reason why you should visit brazil

8 authenthic reasons why you should visit Brazil

Brazil has a lot to offer the intrepid traveller and could easily put up a convincing argument as one of the top adventure destination in the world; right along side New Zealand and Patagonia. But in case you are still in two minds about why to visit Brazil, we’ve left out all the travel agent sales pitches to give you an authentic insight into what makes the country tick. The cultural sensations and impressive natural marvels that will leave you speechless. Here’s our 8 reasons why you would want to visit Brazil.  

#1 Caipirinhas

The famous Brazilian cocktail made from the sugar cane spirit Cachaça. If you’re at a hostel or campground with a few Brazilians they will most definitely be mixing up some of the most delicious caipirinhas with fresh tropical fruit. 

#2 Wildlife

The Brazilian Pantanal has the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent. And not to forget the famous Amazon rainforest; when you can spot jaguars, puma, manned wolves, giant otters, caiman and more!

8 authentic Reasons why you should visit Brazil

reasons why you should visit brazil

#3 Beaches

Coming for Australia we have a pretty high standard when it comes to beaches. Out of all the countries, we’ve travelled in South America Brazil definitely has the best beaches. Plus, there’s over 2000 to chose from includeing the worlds longet beach. And the temperature is just perfect for swimming or surfing in just a bikini. 

#4 Acai

The South American super food. These delicious smoothie bowls can be found everywhere. There’s a small chain that we became a big fan of while in Brazil – Acai Play. You can get every type of acai you want along with every topping imaginable from lollies and Nutella to fresh fruit and nuts.

#5 Natural Wonders

Rio’s Guanabara Bay is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Then there’s Iguazu falls, the amazon rainforest and the Pantanal just to name a few!

Reasons why you should visit Brazil

visit brazil

#6 surf

Brazilian surfers at home don’t always get the best rap. But after spending a good amount of time Surfing in Southern Brazil they are not as bad as everyone makes out. The surf can get busy, there’s thousands of people that love to surf in Brazil but I found most people to be really respectfully, and in fact much better than the surfers in Peru. You just can’t expect someone to let a wave go past or give one away when it does get busy. 

#7 Culture

There’s the world famous 4 day fiesta that is Carnival – the world’s best street party. But, I really love Brazilians and their day-to-day culture. Everything they do, they do with great passion. Just go and watch any football match to see for yourself. 

#8 Food

BBQ’s are serious business.

 I thought we Aussie’s loved a good barbie, but after spending a few months in Brazil I now understand that we have a lot to learn. A sausage on a piece of bread and some chicken kebabs just wouldn’t cut it here. The best part about a Brazilian churrasco is that everything gets carved up and passed around to share. 

Hopefully this post as helped convince you why you need to visit Brazil. If it has – check out our post on the things you need to know before you visit Brazil

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